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MediaMatrix is a specialized database application specifically designed to handle internet media streaming content. It allows content creators at Texas A&M University to have more control over the distribution of their streaming or downloadable media content. The system is also designed to protect against copyright infringements and theft of intellectual property. You can upload content to your personal library on our servers and publish these assets directly to individuals, groups, course sections and other audiences. Once your content is published, audiences can access your content in a variety of different ways including RSS subscription (Podcasting).


Logging In

Your account can be accessed at

Use your Texas A&M University NetID to login.

Local Accounts can be used on a case by case basis.  The IMS staff will instruct you accordingly if a local account is used.

Content Administrator (CA) accounts must be requested.  All requests for CA accounts are reviewed first before granting access.

All user IDs and passwords are case sensitive.



Depending on whether or not you are a Content Manager or simply someone who needs to see content that has been published directly to you or your course, will change the interface options that are visible to you in MediaMatrix.  If the content is publicly available, no authentication is required for viewing, but may still be desired if the content is specific to a course.

Publishing content to a specific user or course will allow those who log in quick access to that specific content you desire them to see.



With just a few clicks of the mouse the MediaMatrix system can automatically create URLs for you to distribute or embed into your own web pages.

  • You can secure your content by creating users and password protecting your content.
  • Publish audio and video to just your class or make it publicly available to everyone.
  • If you need to, you can allow your content to be viewable only at specific times.
  • You can even search the MediaMatrix database for content that might be useful for your purposes.


Copyright Information

The MediaMatrix application is designed to protect copyrighted information whether the copyright is yours or a third party.  Special considerations were made to enforce the guidelines of the Teach Act while being flexible in many areas.  MediaMatrix is under constant development and is currently being tested by several users.  You can use this system to supplement WebCT.  This system is also available as a resource for grant opportunities.


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